STATUS: interior design concept

TYPOLOGY: office

LOCATION: tbilisi, georgia



located in the centre of tbilisi, 60 sqare metres was meant to be renovated.

our task was to form the atmosphere, where desappears all built strucures. create a sense of timelessness, the abstract smokey environment. unite people to be lost in it’s infinity. blur effect can be achieved by lighting elements and materials (mirrors, printed glass). gradient texture of fog printed on theglass that stand behind the mirror, that reflects  people and interior partially. horizone becomes infinite and lost. this strengthens our concept of creating  premature space where people forget about outside world, the weather, time of the day, season… openings on the other side of the office are semi-transparent, where you cans see street, reality like a mirage.  on the facade materials are same,so it becomes interactive as well. by creating the delicate game of reflections the city becomes envolved…