Multiresidential complex

Project: Multiresidential complex

STATUS: Competition entry

TYPOLOGY: residential

LOCATION:tbilisi georgia

GBA:17 600


According to program requirements the territory is divided into five residential zones. All five of them comprise five different typologies, which depending on individual case, are specified on terrain. Each instance is represented according to character/nature of place, where the place is of supreme importance and around which is coordinated/focused the whole residential area. Thus, in compliance with features of place, the main/general trend of idea retains nature of existing environment/surroundings to the maximum extent possible and develops in line with topography of the plot of land.

The issue of power zoning is very important which implies power o efficiency. In this case, saving of power is done by planning manipulations rather than costly technological interventions. It is adjusted to planning specific houses and creates temperature landscape. The inner climate of rooms is   formed around the mainstream idea that is called temperature planning. Climatic zoning is carried out according to requirements of individual storage spaces and their functional peculiarities, which in individual cases produce different outcome. At the level of planning it acquires the form of circulation. The received results were transformed by us into temperature landscape that was clearly reflected in architecture.

All these, considering temperature regimes, is achieved without artificial regulation.

According to specific typologies the architecture is varied, but on the whole  its overall appearance is contextually balanced and is in compliance with each other.