Documentation center of information and communication

The center of information and communication is an important part of documenta (13)  exhibition.

This centre will architecturally and structurally fulfill its important functions.

The basic concept of the ensemble is the combination of unexpected elements. The assembly of completely different Expressions creates something entirely new. On the one hand, the clear shapes and functions of the “boxes”, and on the other hand the soft contours of the connecting canopy elements.

The boxes

In these simple and purely functional building structures all features are accommodated.  The basic flow of visitors come from Koenigstraße and Treppenstraße where the catering sector is situated. Linear arrangement of the boxes creates a medium between the main exhibition buildings Fridericianum, Ottoneum and Documentahalle and therefore it turns out to be  the part of the exhibition. The distribution of the functions to individual boxes not only allows visual relationships, but uses and stimulates the existing tree lined avenue. In this way, not only the competition area is activated, but it also creates a situation in which there is no major and minor areas. An equivalence of spaces is designed.


In contrast to the boxes  the canopy elements reveal an experimental character and make a room of endless interpretation for the visitors. “Low-lying” fog is distributed among the trees and functionally connects its innovative elements with each other. From the first sight the roof seems fragmentary, but combines generated environment. In all important access areas the “clouds” have only not weather protection function, but they also seem to be strong signals for visitors. The protected area under this roof is the field of communication, not only among the visitors, but also between the functions of “boxes”.