Project: Convent

STATUS: unrealized

TYPOLOGY: public

LOCATION:Turin , italy



with  Dato Giorgadze, Gigi Shukakidze

On religious festivals the Convent doors are open to pilgrims and civic processes actively penetrate into quite lives of nuns. In order to avoid intersection of trajectories of isolated monastic lifestyle and civic processes, while retaining residential block ofcells as part of the yard – spatial structure was divided into three independent parts. The whole program was redistributed at the level of two floors: refectory occupied the ground floor and while nuns’ cells were located on the first floor.

In architectural terms the ground floor comprises two semicircular shapes above whichis placed extended rectangular structure as the first floor. In this case volumes of the ground floor are massive stone structures, while the cells situated on the first floor are partially alleviated from the ground. Due to the nature of the landscape it touches the bases only on two sides while two other sides are soaring up in the air.

Each aforementioned action and architectural step is aimedat making the building maximally organic so that it would harmoniously integrate into the surroundings. Local stone and wooden material accentuate rural side of traditional methods.