Berlin Detention Center

Project: Detention center

STATUS: Competition 2nd Prize

TYPOLOGY: public

LOCATION:berlin, germany



The JAA Berlin is to contain a new creative technical / structural design due to existing capacity problems. The expansion is intended to increase the current occupancy capacity from 33 to 61 places and provide facilities for juvenile delinquent detention focusing on the instruction of young people.

The project extends the existing group of buildings by providing two new structures. Due to its position, the new main building is a linking element between the existing houses 1, 2 and the new group house. The entrance has been moved to the new main building which, in addition to new administrative areas, houses the visitors’ centre, the dining hall and the multi-functional room as well as youth work areas. This main house, which is located in a central position within the facility as a whole, leads through the inner courtyard to the group houses and provides a direct link with the existing administration rooms. The new group house is located between the main building and the existing house 2. The inner courtyard with its array of trees has become the new attractive centre of the facility due to the configuration of the new buildings.